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Fiction, pure and simple. Stories that will entertain and possibly amuse you. Not serious, not literary, just fun. I am starting with a series of short stories.  Some, like The Caller, stand alone.  Others will be part of the Injustice Collector series.

A new way to look at short fiction!

This is not a place for literary fiction.  This is where you will find a  short escape wtih fun strories that will interest and entertain - all available in e-book form.

$.99 per story!

That's it!  Get your fiction fix for less than a cup of coffee.  Click on the story titles and go straight to the story page on

New Story!

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About the Author

Jeff Margrett

Jeff Margrett has worked in a variety of writing disciplines including six years as a national touring comedian, writing syndicated humor material for radio stations around the country, and fulltime for an advertising agency. Now you can follow his new works of fiction.

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